Ancient Kalinga has very strong roots with the kingdom of Vijayanagar. The mighty king Sri Krishnadevaraya was married to the daughter of a Kalingan princess. The beautiful story inspired our team to design this weave by collaborating with a National Awardee from Gopalpur, Odisha. Gopalpur is famous for his finest quality Tussar weaving using Phoda and Jaala techniques. It is believed that when the yarn is washed in the flowing water of Baitarani River, the tussars get high sheen and gloss before being used for hand rolling, and reeling for weaving process. This saree in particular has Kanjivaram inspired Annapakshi motifs on the borders, made using a Dobby loom. Anchal has a mix of intricate Phoda work. Jaala has also been implemented in the making of this heirloom piece. Design protected.

Design Protected Gopalpur Tussar Saree

Tussar by Bangalore Mulberry Silk.
Hampi Chariot Inspired Weaving on palla.
Phoda, Jaala, Dobby techniques incorporated.
Special Kaanjivaram Inspired Borders.
90 Days weaving time.
Made by 2 Time National Awarded Weaver

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